Invite users

This topic describes how to send email invites to users. You can send invites to individual users, or to members of a group or role.

The email invite contains a link to CyberArk Identity log in page in their default browser.

Before you begin

CyberArk recommends completing the following steps before inviting users. This ensures users can securely authenticate to CyberArk Identity and are authorized to access services and features based on the principle of least privilege.

  1. Configure authentication.

  2. Configure authorization.

Invite users to access CyberArk Identity

To invite users

  1. Go to Core Services > Users, then click Invite Users.

  2. Search for the user, group, or role that you want to invite, then select the object and click Invite.

    You can filter your search by Directory source and User status.

  3. Select the object(s) representing the users that you want to invite, then click Invite.

    CyberArk Identity sends an email to the selected users with a link to log in to the service.

    If you encounter a problem with email notifications, contact CyberArk Support.