Add Google Workspace as a directory service

This topic describes how to add Google Workspace as a directory service in CyberArk Identity.

If you are using Google Workspace to store and manage your user information, you can configure CyberArk Identity to recognize it as a directory service. Users can then use their Google account details to log in to User Portal.

To add Google Workspace as a directory service

  1. Log in to the Identity Administration portal as a system administrator.

  2. Click Settings > Users > Directory Service > Add Google Directory.

  3. Click Authorize and enter your Google Workspace administrator credentials.

  4. (Optional) Click Add to enter a redirect URI if you want your users to use a more recognizable URI that is specific to your organization.

  5. Click Save.

    Google directory users are now available in CyberArk Identity. Add them to roles so you can grant permissions to applications, enforce authentication profiles, and more.

    Repeat the above procedure to add another Google directory.

    If you use Google directory for managing your users, then do not deploy the Google Workspace SAML application to those same users. If you do, those users will not be able to authenticate into both Google and CyberArk Identity because they will be redirected back and forth between Google directory and CyberArk Identity.