Introduction to application management

To deploy web and mobile applications, add the application from the CyberArk App Catalog, modify the application settings, and assign roles to the application to specify who has access to the application.

You can also configure the application so that it’s automatically installed for users, or so that users can optionally add it as desired.

In general, each user can access the web application either from a mobile device or the user web portal.

User Portal application access

In the user portal, users can see the applications deployed for automatic installation on the MyApps page. Users can add optional applications by clicking Add Apps.

Mobile device application access

On mobile devices, users can see their automatically assigned web applications on the Apps tab of the WebApps screen in the CyberArk Identity mobile app application. Users can see their optional mobile applications from the user portal MyApps page.

Optional web applications do not display on mobile devices. Users can add optional web applications by using the user portal, and then the applications display on the device.