Custom Browser Extension (advanced) applications

If you’d like to add applications that aren’t in our catalog, you can create custom application profiles using the custom application templates. Custom application profiles provide user access through the user portal to applications that may not be open to the general public or that haven’t been added yet to the CyberArk App Catalog.

The Browser Extension (advanced) application template provides everything the Browser Extension application template provides but also includes added flexibility. In particular, use this application template when you want to provide single sign-on (SSO) to a web application that requires a username and password where the login pages are dynamic, use cookies, or when header information needs to be passed. Additionally, it provides single sign-on to a web application that requires a user-specific URL or a web application that functions differently when launched in different browsers.

Each application profile requires a custom script. The script defines how CyberArk Identity creates the Browser Extension (advanced) login data for each user session with the web application. Each application profile may also provide an optional user map script that determines the user application log-on name and password for use in the Browser Extension (advanced) login data. Both scripts are written in JavaScript. See Browser Extension (advanced) scripting for more information.