Add and deploy mobile applications

CyberArk Identity supports the following device operating systems:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • OS X

The mobile applications you add are displayed on the Identity Administration portal Apps page. You deploy native device mobile applications to sets of users based on their roles. In addition, the mobile applications that users have installed on their devices are listed in the “Installed Applications” list when you open the device details page.

For Android devices, you can deploy any free application from Google play or an Android application for which you have the binary (.APK) file.

For iOS devices, you can deploy any free application from the Apple App Store or an iOS application for which you have the binary—the .IPA—file.

If you have the binary file, you can use the Custom option in the Identity Administration portal to add the mobile application.

Automatic versus optional installation

When you select permissions for application deployment, you can select Automatically Deploy. Automatic deployment is handled differently on Android, iOS, and OS X devices.

Remove a mobile application

If you don’t want to deploy a mobile application any more, you have two options:

  • You can reset the permissions in the application’s Permissions settings.

    This leaves the application listing on the Apps page. The status is changed to “Ready to Deploy” when it is not assigned to any roles.

  • You can delete the application from the Apps page.

    This removes the application from all roles.

After you stop deploying a mobile application, it is no longer listed in the CyberArk Identity mobile app on Android devices and Company Apps webclip on iOS devices. However, if the user has already installed the application, it remains installed on the device. For example, the user can still open the application from the device’s Apps catalog. Removing the application from the device can only be done by the user.

The same is true when a device is unenrolled from CyberArk Identity. That is, any application installed from the Mobile Apps screen remain installed after the device is unenrolled.