Add web applications using the Identity Administration portal

You can add web applications and then configure and deploy them to users in one session. Alternatively, you can add the applications to your the Identity Administration portal Apps page and then configure and deploy them at a later time. The Status column shows the application status—see Application Status. You need to configure an application and deploy it to a role before users can use single-sign-on to access it.

Users can also add web applications (user password applications only) from the user portal. See Manage credentials with Workforce Password Management for more information. You can also disable this feature—see Manage device configuration policies.

You can add web applications using the following methods:

  • From CyberArk Identity App Catalog
  • Using a custom application.

  • Using CyberArk Identity Infinite Apps.

  • Cloning, exporting, and importing.

Add web applications from CyberArk Identity App Catalog

CyberArk Identity App Catalog contains an ever-expanding list of web applications ready for assignment to users. If the web application is not in the catalog, you can open a custom application in the catalog and fill in the details.

Use a custom application

CyberArk Identity App Catalog includes custom applications that you can add and fill in to add applications. Click the Custom tab to display the list of custom applications. Click the information icon associated with each template for a description.

Clone, export, and import web applications

You can clone an existing application to save yourself time assigning applications that have similar but different configurations. You can also export an application you have already configured in a test environment for example, so that you can import it into your production environment.