What is Identity Security Intelligence?

This topic describes Identity Security Intelligence (ISI).


Identity Security Intelligence (ISI) is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered, SaaS-based service that analyzes data collected from various sources and identifies patterns in order to detect threats and high-risk activities for identities such as workforce, privileged, and external vendors.

ISI provides deep insight into high-risk events and automated risk remediation using:

  • Dashboards to visualize data and identify trends

  • Reporting tools to investigate security incidents and support audits

  • Alerts to notify administrators of suspicious events in real-time

  • Webhooks to interface with external ticket and help-desk tools

These tools enable Security teams to both investigate and respond to targeted threats with the appropriate actions.

ISI detects and creates alerts for User Behavior Analytics (UBA) events and Privileged Detection events.

For more information about ISI, see User Behavior Analytics in CyberArk Identity.