What's new?

This topic describes the new features and enhancements for each Privileged Detection release.

2023 releases

July 2023 - Version 23.07

In this release the UPA detection is now leveraged with advanced logic that relies on CyberArk's Discovery service. When a privileged account has been discovered and is in use but not yet onboarded, ISI will trigger a UPA alert.

In addition, you can now configure UPA detection and remediation, and investigate UPA events.

April 2023 - Version 23.04

In this release, you can configure ISI to automatically remediate Privileged Risky Activity events.

When a Privileged Risky Activity event is detected, ISI triggers the remediation based on the type of remediation selected in the Privileged Risky Activity rule: No action, Suspend, or Terminate.

For more information, see View Privileged Risky Activity rules.

February 2023 - Version 23.02

In this release, customers that use Splunk as their SIEM tool can leverage ISI to detect and have these accounts automatically added to the CyberArk PAM's Pending Accounts list. For more information, see Unmanaged Privileged Accounts (UPA) detection.

In addition, customers who have configured Suspected Credential Theft detection can now activate automatic remediation for credential rotation. For more information, see Set up SCT automatic remediation.

2022 releases

November 2022 - Version 22.11

In this release, customers that use Splunk as their SIEM tool can leverage ISI to detect Suspected Credential Theft for Windows and Linux on-premise servers and Cloud instances/VMs. For more information about Suspected Credential Theft, see Suspected Credential Theft (SCT) detection.

July 2022 - Version 22.07

In this release, ISI Privileged Detection includes Privileged Risky Activity detection for PSM sessions. Based on predefined rules, ISI detects and creates alerts when risky commands are entered during PSM sessions. For more information about Privileged Risky Activity, see Privileged Risky Activity detection.