What's new

This section presents the features and enhancements that are introduced in the Connector Management release.

July 2023 release



Newly supported platform: GCP

Connector Management now also identifies GCP as the host machine platform.

GCP is added to previously supported platforms: on-prem, AWS, Azure.

The host machine platform is displayed as part of the Connector details in the Connectors list:

Management Agent improvements for Secrets Hub

Performance improvements are implemented in the Connector Management Agent for improved support of Secrets Hub operations.

See v1.0.436.

New AWS regions

New AWS regions to support Connector Management:

  • eu-central-1 (Milan)

  • ap-southeast-1 (Jakarta)

See full list of AWS regions that support Connector Management.

Option to upgrade components

The Connector Management tool can now identify upgradable connector components and upgrade them to a new version.

Supported components:

  • Connector Management Agent

  • Privilege Cloud CPM

To upgrade components, see upgrade connector components.

To upgrade Privilege Cloud CPM, refer to the Privilege Cloud Connector upgrade procedure.

June 2023 release



Installation drive can be any drive

The default installation path for the Management Agent and the various components is C:\Program Files or any other drive where you have the default :\Program Files folder.

You can now set any drive and folder path as the installation path, on condition that the folder names are in English.

See Add a connector.

Wizard for creating the Management Agent installation script

The Management Agent installation script is part of installing the Management Agent on the host machine, and then installing the relevant components.

The new script generator wizard offers the following options:

  • Option to define the drive and installation folder to deploy the connector installation.

  • A countdown indicator showing the time remaining to copy the valid installation script.

  • A script-renewal option after the initial script is no longer valid.

See Add a connector.

Updated component names

The component names are updated to clarify service alignment and commonly used acronyms:

  • Privilege Cloud CPM

  • Privilege Cloud CPM (Passive)

  • Privilege Cloud CPM Scanner

  • Privilege Cloud PSM

  • Management Agent