Upgrade connector components

This topic describes how to upgrade the Connector Management Agent and connector components, and provides troubleshooting guidelines to handle any failures.

When can you upgrade connector components

  • Every time a new version is available for the Connector Management Agent or relevant connector components, the Connector Management display indicates an upgrade option is available, and allows you to run the upgrade on the relevant connector.

  • When the component is installed by a legacy service installer, you can still upgrade the component using Connector Management.

Supported components

The upgrade procedure currently supports the following components:

  • CyberArk Management Agent

  • Privilege Cloud CPM

Check for available upgrades

To perform the following steps, your user must be assigned to the System Administrator role in Identity Administration.

  1. In Connector Management, check the connector list for upgrade indicators.

    1. In the connector list, check the following indicators:



      Component status bar

      A status bar at the top of the connector list indicates component statuses and the number of components in each group:

      • Components with errors

      • Available upgrades

      These are filter tabs, allowing to filter the component list and display the relevant components.

      Upgrade column

      The right-most column offers a quick access action link, allowing you to initiate an upgrade on the related connector.

      Click the following image to enlarge the display:

    2. Click Available upgrades to display the connectors with applicable upgrades.

    3. In a connector row, hover over the Upgrade link in the right-most column. A tooltip displays the upgradable components and the update version.

  2. Select the connector you want to upgrade and follow the upgrade steps below.

Upgrade the Connector Management Agent

The following steps describe the upgrade flow for the Management Agent when it is the sole upgradable component. The same steps apply when it is one of multiple components that can be upgraded.

  1. In Connector Management > Connectors list, select the row of the connector you want to upgrade and click Upgrade.

  2. In the Upgrade window, check the Management Agent upgrade version and click Upgrade.

    In the connector's component list, a progress bar tracks the progress of the Management Agent upgrade.

  3. Check the Status column for the Active icon which indicates the upgrade was completed successfully.

    In case of a Failure icon, perform troubleshooting steps. See troubleshooting steps and logs.

Upgrade Privilege Cloud CPM

Refer to the Privilege Cloud CPM upgrade procedure.

Troubleshoot failed upgrades

The connector list displays the connector and component status, and provides initial information about the failure reason.

Learn more about troubleshooting steps and logs.