Register new local users

This topic describes how to register new local users in your CEM environment.

Invite new users to CEM

A CEM admin invites users by adding users to your CEM tenant.

Admins can assign users one of the following roles, which enable monitoring cloud workspaces in CEM plus the additional capabilities listed below.


Assigned users can


Connect cloud platform accounts, add users, add webhooks, and manage API authentication keys


View cloud entities and identities, along with their exposure risk, permissions, and recommendations

New user registration

When an admin adds a user, an registration email is sent to the new user. The email contains the following information:




The name of your CEM tenant.


The username given to you by the CEM admin.

Temporary password

A one-time password. You are prompted to reset your password when you sign in.

Go to CEM

Click the Go to CEM button to sign in to CEM for the first time.

This button is valid for 24 hours. If more than 24 hours have passed, request that your CEM admin resend the new user registration invite.