What's new

New Audit versions are released and announced in a varying cadence. Occasionally, new versions that include only performance, stability and bug fixes, and do not require customer actions, are released without an announcement.

May 31, 2023

Create offline audit reports using the Audit service

You can now create activity reports in the Audit service and download them for offline review.

Offline reports are useful for showing compliance, passing external audits, showing reports to management, and more.

The reports now contain audit information for all cyber services that are available in the Audit service: Dynamic Privileged Access, Secure Cloud Access, Cloud Entitlements Management, Conjur Cloud, and Secrets Hub.

March 26, 2023

New session monitoring view

The Audit service now provides a unified view for monitoring user sessions. Session monitoring provides a comprehensive display of user events per session to enable enhanced auditing and incident-response investigation.

Session monitoring is currently available for the Dynamic Privileged Access and Secure Cloud Access services.