Create a self-service invitation

This topic describes how to submit a request for an invitation to join Remote Access using a link provided by the admin. This enables you to fill in your own details and initiate the flow.

Self- service invitations are supported using CyberArk Mobile app authorization only.

Create a request

  1. Register as an Remote Access user in the CyberArk Mobile app

  2. Click the link you received from the Remote Access admin, then log onto the Remote Access portal either by scanning the QR code.

  3. After authenticating to Remote Access, the Request to join as a vendor page appears. The details you entered during registration are already populated in the request.

  4. Fill in your details, then click Send request.

Your request is now sent to the admin, who will review your request. After they authorize it, you will receive an invitation email to join Remote Access. For more details, see Join Remote Access.