Access with the CyberArk Mobile app

This topic describes how to join Remote Access and sign in using the CyberArk Mobile app.

Join Remote Access with the CyberArk Mobile app

  1. Download the CyberArk Mobile app, then open it and register. For more details, see Mobile app.

  2. When you receive the invitation mail from Remote Access, open the mail on your computer.

  3. Click the invitation link to display a QR code.

  4. Using the CyberArk Mobile app on your mobile phone, scan the QR code and join the Remote Access tenant.

  5. Remote Access may prompt or require you to take a photo of yourself, depending on company requirements.

  6. If an administrator is required to activate your account, you will see the following message.

  7. When you have successfully joined the tenant, the following message appears on the Remote Access portal.

Sign in with the CyberArk Mobile app

  1. Open the CyberArk Mobile app, and authenticate with the biometric challenge.

  2. In the Remote Access portal, scan the QR code with your mobile phone.

  3. Remote Access authenticates your user and displays the Applications page.

Change your Data Center

You can switch to a different data center, depending on the Tenant you want to access.

  1. In the Remote Access portal, click the data center icon to display all the data centers.

  2. Select the data center that stores the tenant you want to access.

  1. Scan the QR code to access tenants in the data center you chose.