System requirements

Mobile devices

  • Users require iOS or Android devices with an active phone number that has not been jailbroken (iOS) or rooted (android). (Some unique phone number formats, such as M2M numbers, are not supported).


    The process of jailbreaking (ios) or rooting (android) a mobile device often disables some of the built-in security features of the operating system, and those security features are part of what keeps the operating system safe and your data secure from exposure or corruption. Anything that reduces the internal controls in the Android or iOS operating system represents a higher risk and will be prevented from using CyberArk Mobile app.

  • iOS minimum version: 13.x

  • Android minimum version: 10.x, with biometric security feature and Google Services Framework


    On Android devices that support both facial and fingerprint capability, it is required to have at least the fingerprinting option enabled.

Remote Access portal supported browsers

  • For users and vendors - Internet Explorer 11, Chrome (versions released in the last six months), Microsoft Edge (versions released in the last six months) and Firefox (versions released in the last six months).

  • For administrators - Chrome (versions released in the last six months).