Self-service requests

This topic describes how new vendors can request to join Remote Access, and how administrators can review and authorize these vendor requests.


Administrators can send an invitation link to multiple vendor users at once. The vendor user authenticates and completes the request form with the appropriate information to request access to your organization's tenant. The administrator can review the request and accept and invite or reject the request. Using the self-service option reduces the administrative overhead for gathering the correct information (e.g., Name, Company, Email Address and Phone Number) from a vendor user.

Enable self-service invitations

  1. In Identities > Vendors, click Self-service invitation URL.

  2. Click Allow new vendors to use self-service invitation link to enable the self-service vendor invitations flow, then click Save to display the URL to send to the new vendor.

You can also activate self-service vendor invitations on the Settings - identities page. For details, see Set vendor general settings.

Send a self-service invitation URL

  1. In Identities > Vendors, click Self-service invitation URL to display the URL of the request for an invitation.

  1. Copy this link to the clipboard and send it to the new vendor.

  2. At any time, the recipient can use this link to fill out and submit a request for an Remote Access invitation. For details, see Create a self-service invitation.

View pending self-service invitation requests

As tenant admin, you can view pending requests that have been created by new vendors, and decide whether to reject or confirm and invite them.

  1. Go to Identities > Pending requests to view a list of requests from new vendors, asking to be invited to your Remote Access tenant.

    You can search for a specific request by specifying a detail of the request. You can also organize the list according to creation date or email domain.

  2. This grid displays an overview of all the requests. To see more details about a specific request, click the line of the request.

    You can see the requesting vendors details, as well as the access timeframe they have requested, and any comments they might have added.

Confirm a request

You can view a request before you confirm and send an invitation to the vendor.

  1. On the Pending requests (vendors) page, in the line of the request to confirm, click Edit and invite,


    On the Request Details page, click Edit and invite.

    The full vendor invitation page appears with the details that were included in the request, pre-populated.

  2. Specify the applications and provisioning type, and confirm the time-frame that will be assigned to the vendor when they join Remote Access, then click Invite.

For more details about creating invitations, see Manage vendors.

Reject requests

You can either reject individual requests one at a time or multiple requests in a single step.

Reject multiple requests

On the Pending requests (vendors) page, select multiple requests then click Reject.

Reject a single request

  1. On the Pending requests (vendors) page, in the request to refuse, click Reject,


    On the Request Details page, click Reject.

  2. The following message prompts to you to confirm.