Create sites

This topic describes how to create and manage sites.


A site is where you define tenants and the applications they can access.

On the Sites page, you can see a summary of the applications that have been added for each tenant.

Add a site

  1. On the Sites page, click Add site. Specify the name of the site where your applications are located, according to your organization's network. This name must be unique and should reflect the network's physical location.

  2. Click Save to create the new site and display the site's application page. As you have not yet added any applications, the page looks like this:

    You are now ready create an application.

  3. Click Back to sites to return to the Sites page and view all the sites that you've already added.

Admin actions for sites

The Sites list displays all the sites that have been created for the tenant. For each site, you can perform the following actions:




Rename the site, using up to 30 characters.


Delete the site from the Sites list. If this site contains applications and connectors, they will be permanently deleted.