Application Password SDKs

The Credential Providers Application Password SDKs enable you to eliminate hard coded passwords from applications and request passwords from the Digital Vault. The SDKs communicate with a local Provider to retrieve passwords and password properties.

This version of Credential Providers (CP) works with CP SDKs v 12.1 and later.

If you are working with:

  • CP SDKs 12.0 or earlier, these must be replaced with the latest CP SDKs

  • CP SDKs v12.1 or later, but not the latest CP SDKs, we strongly recommend replacing them with the latest CP SDKs

Supported SDKs

The CP supports the following Password SDKs:

  • C/C++

  • Java in JCL, version 1.8 and later

  • CLI (Command Line Interface)

  • .NET

These Password SDKs are stored in the following folder during installation and can be used immediately after the CP environment is set up.





These SDKs must work with a CP that is installed on the same LPAR. The SDKs communicate with the CP to request passwords and return them to the application. They do not require any configuration.

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