In today’s complex IT environments, multiple scripts, processes and applications need to access multi-platform resources to retrieve and store sensitive information. Such applications are granted use of dedicated accounts, usually allowing unlimited access to an enterprise’s most sensitive assets. As a result, these accounts are often the victim of ongoing targeted attacks. Indeed, many of the recent sophisticated attacks reported stemmed from the compromise of hard-coded privileged credentials. Securing, managing and automatically replacing these embedded and locally stored credentials can impose significant challenges and overhead costs to IT departments. Consequently, many organizations never change hard-coded, embedded passwords or locally stored SSH keys for applications, leaving the organization vulnerable to an attack.

Secrets Manager Credential Providers™, part of CyberArk’s Privileged Access Security solution, eliminates the need to store application-to-application passwords in applications, scripts or configuration files, and allows these highly-sensitive passwords to be centrally stored, logged and managed with CyberArk’s patented Vaulting Technology®. Using the Credential Providers solution, organizations are able to maintain a good security posture, as well as comply with internal and regulatory requirements by regularly replacing passwords and securely monitoring privileged access across all systems, databases and applications. Credential Providers fully addresses the need to assure the highest availability for applications running the enterprise business, independent of network availability and with the highest performance.

To address the needs of large enterprises, Credential Providers supports a variety of systems, applications, Application Servers, scripts, jobs and more. It provides simple and intuitive tools for eliminating hard coded passwords, as well as a structured framework for addressing the challenges of App2App projects based on CyberArk’s vast experience with large enterprise deployments.

The Privileged Access Security solution provides a variety of offerings to deal with eliminating hard coded credentials, via easy-to-manage solutions for controlling access and automatic replacement of privileged application passwords. To enable business continuity, each offering enables automatic replacement of privileged application passwords with no downtime to the application.

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